Greenspeed Demolishes Record

Greenspeed Team Sets RecordGreenspeed officially holds the record as being the World's Fastest Vegetable Oil Powered Vehicle!!

November 12-13, the Greenspeed team ventured to the El Mirage Dry Lakebed just north of Los Angeles, CA for the final Southern California Timing Assc (SCTA) event of the year. On Saturday the 12th, Dave (driving) was very nervous sitting on the start line because it was the very first time the truck was going to move while being powered by vegetable oil. He put it in gear and proceeded down the 1.3 mile course to smash the existing record of 98 mph with a run of 139.882 mph. The team followed that up on Sunday with a run of 155.331 mph. Hopefully high enough to stand until we make it back to the salt flats in August of 2012 for Speed Week. At that point, the team intends to challenge the existing petroleum record of 215.091 mph, with vegetable oil as a fuel of course! We hope to also find a bio-diesel supplier before then as well, so we can fill the tank with that and get that record too.

Matt Handwork At Camomax Racing Runs a 9.95

November 19, 2011: DEI's own Matt Handwork runs a 9.95 @ 139 mph 1/4 mile at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Matt utilizes our Ny-Trex Diesel Nitrous System on his 6000 lb., Duramax Diesel powered, Single-Turbo, stock-chassis, 2003 Chevrolet Silverado LB7 pickup truck.  So much for aerodynamics and minimum weight…horsepower and torque shall provide the victory!

For more on Matt and his 03 Silverado visit

Idaho Rob Coddens & Max'd Out Race Team

Maxd Out Race TeamRob Coddens recently wrote us detailing his 2011 Diesel racing season, and offered feedback concerning his use of the DEI Ny-Trex Nitrous System and DEI Titanium Turbo Shields. He writes:

"We wrapped up our 2011 Diesel race season and the DEI N2O system and Turbo blankets worked flawlessly in our World Record holding 4x4 drag truck.  Amazing the abuse I put these turbo blankets through while propelling a 6,000 pound, 1350 RWHP, 4 x 4 diesel pickup truck down the ¼ mile running 9.3 second ET at 149+ MPH.

With the size of the turbos we are running, to achieve this performance level on a diesel engine, the blankets help tremendously with spooling on the line and keeping the heat in where it belongs for added boost and power. The N2O system worked beautifully and without any problems..."

Hudson Racing the Mojave Mile

Randy Simmons' and his Hudson project raced the Mojave Mile recently and have been featured in an event video. Check it out below.

The Hudson project was sponsored by the Michael-Ryan Pattison Foundation and developed to be quadriplegic and paraplegic accessible. The 1947 Hudson Race Truck was designed and built by Randy Simmons, a California entrepreneur and inventor specializing in robotic engineering.

Click Here to learn more about Randy Simmons Hudson Project

DEI BoomMat Floor & Tunnel Shield II Install

DEI BoomMat Floor and Tunnel Shield IIOver the past year with our new motorhome we have been battling high heat issues between the driver and passenger seats where the large Ford V-10 engine is located.  Although the motor is covered with a thick carpeted housing with “factory” insulation placed around the engine, said areas get very warm and uncomfortable during road-trips, which fans and air-conditioning can’t seem to keep cool.

This past Saturday we took said housing apart to install the DEI BoomMat Floor & Tunnel Shield II to help significantly reduce temperatures in the “cockpit” area of our motorhome.

UW Takes 3rd Place at Formula SAE California

UW at 2011 Formula SAE CaliforniaOn the third weekend in June, Wisconsin Racing was again able to put the talents of the WR-211 on display, this time in the sunshine of Southern California. Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA welcomed 61 Formula SAE teams from eight different nations for the sixth and final year. This was the first Formula SAE West competition for Wisconsin Racing and the fourth different Formula SAE event Wisconsin has competed in of around 10 held across the world. The top five finishing teams are listed below.

1. Ecole De Technologie Superieure (Canada)
2. University of Oklahoma
3. University of Wisconsin - Madison
4. University of Maryland - College Park
5. University of Bath (England)

Continue reading for a day by day recap of the competition...

UW Takes 5th at 2011 Formula SAE Michigan

UW at 2011 Formula SAEOn the second weekend in May, the WR-211 put Wisconsin Racing back on the map with a 5th place finish at Formula SAE Michigan. This marks the first top five finish for the team since the 2008 but the 6th since 2000. The 5th place finish also makes UW-Madison the top finishing domestic team (1st place went to Global Formula Racing, a collaborative effort between Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg-Ravensburg and Oregon State). The results for the top ten are listed below.

Bob Johnson's 1958 Buick Estate Wagon

Bob Johnson's 58 Buick Estate WagonFrom the May, 2011 issue of Rod & Custom
By Rob Fortier

For most, a quadruple coronary bypass would cause a serious detour in life. That was just one of Bob Johnson's personal ordeals he's endured in the last few years alone. Following his heart surgery in 2005, Bob experienced the ride of his life just four years later-one that almost cost him his life. After setting an initial record (naturally aspirated gas) at Bonneville with his Cadillac "XXXLR" land speed car, he and car builder Alan Johnson (no relation) went back the following month to set yet another record in the fuel class. Unfortunately, the second attempt resulted in a horrendous crash due to a major chute failure-nine end-over-end flips at 260 mph. The car, suffice it to say, was destroyed; Bob, however, fared a little better, suffering mild injuries in comparison, but did get his bell rung pretty severely.

2011 19th Annual DSM/EVO Shootout

Buschur Racing LogoContingency Program Rules and Regulations

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is teaming-up with Buschur Racing in preparation for the 2011 19th Annual DSM/EVO Shootoout.  Beyond partnerinDesign Engineering DEI Logog in the event, DEI will be sponsoring a special contingency program.  DEI will be offering over $2,000 in DEI product certificates redeemable with Buschur Racing or directly with Design Engineering.  To make qualifying for the contingency program easy, Buschur Racing has kindly offered to reduce pricing on many DEI products!  Products include many from the CryO2, Ny-Trex nitrous systems, SPA turbo components, and DEI thermal control products lineup.  Special discounted prices will begin today and continue through the end of the event. 

Going Fast Without Going Broke - Crawl Magazine

Crawl Magazine - Jan/Feb 2011Words by Dan Guyer, sponsored member of Team DEI

Trail riding isn’t the same anymore since the King came to town. I’m not sure if I love or hate Jeff Knoll and Dave Cole. I was perfectly content to have a middle of the road trail rig; nothing more than a run of the mill yj, with leaf springs and one tons. It was fun. It was mostly reliable. I logged 30 days of trail riding in 2008. Life was good.

Sure, we heard about the King of the Hammers Race, but it was 2,500 miles away. It didn’t have much to do with us on the Right Coast, other than a few threads on my club’s bulletin board. It wasn’t until the Right Coast Qualifier in 2009 that reality began to sink in. It was madness – over 30 trucks wallowed in the sloppy trails at the Rausch Creek Offroad Park. The King had me in his grip. I had to be a part of this.


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