DEI sponsors the Limpnickie Lot!

We here at DEI are very excited to be a part of the Limpnickie Lot. We are looking forward to working with Taber Nash and the rest of the next generation of bike builders of the Limpnickie Collective. Our exhaust wraps and thermal protection products have proven to be a great fit in the motorcycle industry and we look forward to assisting the Limpnickie Lot in their continued effort to form the future foundations of custom motorcycling.

For more information about the Limpnickie Lot, visit their website and their blog

Reflect-A-Gold Makes the "Cool Top 10"

The guys over at The Octane Report published an article detailing the "Top 10 Cool Racing Parts For Your Street Car" and Reflect-A-Gold made the #1 spot on the list!

The article is about how parts originally manufactured for racing, make the jump to the everyday street car. Whether it's is through performance, safety, convenience, or just a cool look, The Octane Report lists the top 10 cool items born through the search for a competitive advantage that have recently made that leap from the racing world to the street.

If you're interested in checking out the article you can find it here

DEI Sponsors Eden High School's Chopper Class

Eden High School's Chopper ClassThe goal of Eden’s Chopper Class has remained constant since it was formed in 2007, teach kids in grades 7-12 about the process of real world engineering. The "instructional tool" they focus on is American V-twin motorcycles. Using V-twin Choppers as a teaching and learning tool is a natural fit and progression with Eden's students. Most of them ride various machines throughout all four of Western New York’s seasons. This program remains viable because of the support they receive from their sponsors.

Eden Chopper Class is proud to announce their partnership with Design Engineering Incorporated (DEI). The products that have been donated, protect a wire boot kit and pipe wrap kit, to their 2009/2010 bike build have provided Eden's students with the resources they need to create a truly functional and aesthetically pleasing exhaust system and wiring harness. Eden’s Chopper Class would like to thank DEI for their support and donations.

CryO2: The Cool Way To Get More Power

Performance enthusiasts know that when it comes to engine air and fuel temperatures, colder is better.  With that in mind we first introduced the first CO2-based fuel and air cryogenic super coolers for drag racing applications in 2003.

The CryO2™ system uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), stored at 80 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit), to super cool intake air, fuel, and even a vehicle’s turbo intercooler, resulting in more power and cooler engine combustion chamber temperatures.

The technology as well as the theory behind CryO2 have been around for decades.  Liquified carbon dioxide has been used in commercial cooling applications such as soda fountains and beer taps.  And both street and strip racers have long known that a cold, dense fuel/air mixture carries more oxygen and more fuel to the combustion chamber than a warm mixture.  Performance enthusiasts have seen this scientific fact put into practice for over 35 years in the form of ram air, cowl induction and cool air intake tubes.  A cooler air/fuel mixture also burns better, eliminating hot spots and pre-ignition problems that occur frequently in high-compression engines under load.

Matching Camaro and Motorcycle Project

Since Design Engineering, Inc has entered into the motorcycle world, we thought it would be fun to build a matched set 1968 Camaro and 2006 Victory Hammer motorcycle to use as a marketing team.  For the bike we started with a low mile Victory Hammer which gave us a great platform to build a muscle bike.  It comes stock with dual front and single rear Brembo disc brakes, wide rear tire and inverted forks.  From there we solicited the services of Scotty Kietzman at Conquest Customs to transform the bike.  In addition to the flat silver with gloss black rally stripe paint job he added an MSD ignition, S&S intake, custom shorty pipes, carbon fiber fork tubes and rear fender, and a ton of other trick pieces.  Back at the shop we added our new Titanium exhaust wrap, reflect-a-GOLD and a Ny-Trex nitrous system with twin frame mounted bottles.

The Camaro has been bouncing around here for years in a half finished state.  Last year we decided the time has come to transform and it was stripped to the shell and Mike Zenone was dubbed project manager...

"Fast Eddie" Schartman: One Cool Customer

"Fast Eddie" Schartman was a true pioneer of Funny Car Drag Racing back in the ‘60’s when the sport was just getting off the ground.  Still involved heavily with cars, owning dealerships and parts stores he takes it a little slower now…and a little more comfortable.  Example: This beautiful '34 Vicky has all the features you’d find in a luxury car today plus the best flame job I’ve seen in a long time. 


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