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Featured Tech Questions:

Q: Is HT Silicone Coating Spray needed to coat and seal DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap?

A: No. While it can be used, the unique coating already applied to DEI Titanium Wrap prevents the HT Silicone Coating Spray from properly bonding with the wrap. Because of this, lifespan of the HT Spray coating is significantly deminished and thus applying the extra coating is not reccommended.

Q: Could I use hose clamps on my DEI Exhaust Wrap instead of locking ties?

A: Not recommended. While this may seem like a great idea, hose clamps have a tendency to loosen up over time and may also cut into your exhaust wrap damaging your product.

Q: Will my Stainless Steel Locking Ties work properly even though they appear loose around the wrapped exhaust pipe?

A: Yes, they will function.

Q: Do you need to wet DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap during installation?

A: No, wetting the Titanium Wrap is not necessary. Titanium wrap is much more flexible than standard exhaust wrap and is made to stretch.

Q: When should 1" exhaust (header) wrap be used over the wider 2" style?

A: A 1" roll of exhaust wrap is recommended when wrapping pipes that have tight bends.

Q: How much Exhaust Wrap is typically needed for a V-8?

A: While wrapping a V-8 header with exhaust wrap, a typical installation would use two (2) rolls of DEI 2"x50' Exhaust Wrap.

Q: Can you paint your pipes first before wrapping with DEI Exhaust Wrap?

A: Yes. Painting your headers before wrapping will in fact make the pipes easier to wrap.

Q: Can you use DEI HT Silicone Spray Paint as a header paint without wrapping the headers with DEI Exhaust Wrap?

A: No. DEI HT Silicone Spray Paint is designed as a coating for the exhaust wrap.

Q: Do I need to cure my pipes in an oven after wrapping them with DEI Exhaust Wraps?

A: No, simply start the engine. No matter which DEI Exhaust Wrap you choose it will smoke when you start the engine while the wrap burnishes. The DEI Titanium Wrap smokes very little compared to the fiberglass based wraps. You will want to be in a well ventilated area while this occurs.

Q: I've heard of Garrett and I've heard of Turbonetics, but who in the world is "SPA Turbo"?

A: SPA Turbo is a Brazil-based high-performance turbocharger company which was established in 1990. After being employed with Garrett, the founding memebers combined their knowledge and expertise to form SPA Turbo, Brazil. SPA Turbo manufactures turbo exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, and other turbo-related components; all with the same attention to detail and design-to-foundry execution. SPA turbo incorporates in-house engineering offices, a casting foundry, and a CNC machine shop for complete quality control.

Q: Why use the CryO2 Fuel Chiller?

A: As the laptop computer is to the adding machine, so is the CryO2 Fuel Chiller to the cool can. The Fuel Chiller is the next dimension in retrieving cooler, denser fuel. The Fuel Chiller does not use a 32*F water/ice tonic to cool fuel, it uses the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2, a -80*F blast, to super-cool fuel! Why use a CryO2 Fuel Chiller...why would you use anything else?

Q: Will adding more Radiator Relief or Heater Hotter make the product more efficent?

A: No. Increasing the amount of Radiator Relief or Heater Hotter will not change the product performance beyond that of the standard 16 oz. bottle.

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